About SurveyService

What We Do To Assure Success With Pharmaceutical Research

  • We build relationships
    We establish relationships with the gatekeeper in physician and other offices with the receptionist, nurse and office manager to begin building the relationship with the first call attempt. Documentation is kept with each call attempt detailing who the conversation was held with to build the relationship and gain cooperation.

  • Consistency of our staff
    Our Senior Interviewing staff works exclusively on Pharmaceutical and other top-level management projects. They are trained specifically for dealing with hard to reach audiences.

  • Offer inbound 800# flexibility
    We provide dedicated inbound 800 numbers to accommodate physician schedules to be able to call our office at their convenience to complete a study from 9 AM to 9 PM along with a customized voice message system to appropriately handle calls coming in after normal business hours.

  • Knowledge of medical terminology
    Our Senior Interviewing staff is trained on the correct pronunciation of all medical terminology.

Pharmaceutical Research Technology Best Practices

  • Data Back up Procedures
    All Servers are backed up nightly with fresh media.

  • CFR Part II Compliant
    Systems security, data processing and accessibility is CFR Part II compliant.

  • Knowledge of Medical Terminology
    IT and data entry staff has extensive experience with healthcare terminology which is required when coding open end responses, conducting physician chart and convention visitation data entry and processing.