About SurveyService

Our Pharmaceutical Research Best Practices

The following are our Best Practices that we feel influences our ability to be successful in conducting Pharmaceutical Research:

  • Proactive Project Management
    Our Project Management staff is trained and experienced in handling all types of Pharmaceutical Research, and are able to adjust to changing data collection strategies based on sampling challenges. Each Project Manager has an assistant that works with them on projects to assure continued project management at all times.

  • Interviewer Training
    All of our interviewers participate in an intensive training program that includes the following:
    • Company standards and practices
    • Basic marketing research questionnaire administration skills
    • Communication skills / listening and speaking
    • MRA Best Practices and Ethics Standards
    • HIPAA regulations
    • Security / Confidentiality standards
    • Study documents and materials security procedures
    • Accuracy of recording responses, probing and clarifying
    • Administering questionnaire pertaining to sensitive subjects with sensitivity in an unemotional, non-judgmental manner

  • Quality Assurance
    Our QA staff and procedures assure that all data is collected with the highest degree of quality, which includes monitoring and implementation of supplemental training and support for interviewers as identified by the QA and Project Management staff.
  • HIPAA Training
    All of our staff adheres to HIPAA guidelines established for all research containing personal patient medical information.

  • Security Procedures
    Security procedures and documents are in place to assure client confidentiality.
    All employees sign security, non-disclosure and HIPAA agreements.