About SurveyService

Frequently Used Methodologies

  • IDI'S:
Recruit physicians/pharmacists, etc. via the telephone to participate in telephone and in-person IDI's.
  • Web Based Interview:
Recruit physicians/pharmacists, etc. to participate in self-administered on-line interview that we program and host.
  • Personal Telephone
Conduct ATU (Awareness, Trial and Usage) and other types of interviews with Physicians via the telephone which is followed by a self-administered questionnaire sent to them to complete and return to us for data processing.
  • Patient Drug Experience
    via In-bound 800#:
Obtain cooperation with Physicians who invite patients to call our 800# to participate in a telephone interview regarding experience with a prescribed medication.
  • Recruit for Focus
Contact physicians, nurses and other types of health care providers to participate in in-person and on-line focus groups.
  • IVR:
Recruit physicians, etc. to call 800# to complete an IVR interview. In addition to closed ended data, open ended responses are transcribed and client is provided with verbatim files for each question.