About SurveyService

Types of Pharmaceutical Research We Have Conducted

  • Chart Audits
Recruit Physicians/Nurses, etc. to complete and fax back detailed chart audits with information from patient charts regarding specific medications including diagnosis, drug prescribed, and usage.
  • Drug Rep Tracking:
Interview Physicians to determine visitation of drug reps and frequency of detail on specific drugs.
  • Drug Rep Satisfaction:
Interview Physicians to determine levels of satisfaction with detail provided on various drugs.
Interview Drug Reps to determine satisfaction with sales aides for particular drugs.
  • Drug Rep Message
Sales force effectiveness. Conduct IDI's regarding message recall and effect on drug purchase after trial usage
  • Medical Conferences/
    Trade Shows:
Interview Physicians/Nurses, etc. who attend specific medical conferences after conference to follow-up on events related to conference including speeches, booths, hand-outs, etc.

Data entry and data processing of questionnaires completed by attendees at medical conferences regarding various drugs.
  • Low-Lit Consumer:
Recruit low-lit consumers to participate in Label and Instruction Comprehension studies. Conduct study at research facility or on-site.