CATI Telephone Center

The Facility

  • 60 CfMC CATI stations
  • Web-integrated for on-line data collection
    • CfMC webCati integrated stations
  • Integrated for Predictive, Power and Preview dialing
    • System stream dialing under control of CfMC CATI sample manager
    • Automatically disposes of no-answers, busies and non-working numbers
    • Delivers only connects to interviewers
  • Digital Sound Recording
    • On demand recording of open end responses via messages received from the CfMC CATI server
    • Playback of sound clips of previously recorded files during the interview
    • Files are recorded in either WAV file format (system default) or Dialogic’s native mode, compressed VOX file format

On Staff Programmers
  • Program/test questionnaire
  • Coordinate cross platform studies
  • Coordinate remote, off site review of questionnaire
  • Provide top line data report to ensure data is collected according to specifications
  • Prepare final data file in desired format including SPSS, Excel, ASCII
  • 24/7 access to IT staff

Telephone Center Management

  • Conduct comprehensive briefing including role playing and implement on going training to develop interviewing and probing skills
  • Monitor all interviewers
  • 1:8 supervisor to interviewer ratio
  • Experienced, mature managers and Quality Assurance staff assures that projects are completed according to specifications within time frames and cost parameters

Inbound 800 Number Research and Customer Service

SSI has a bank of 800 numbers that are customized to meet the needs of each study. We have found the use of an inbound toll-free number a particularly effective way to increase response rates for B-2-B studies.

In addition, we provide inbound marketing research, customer satisfaction, customer service and support via our inbound 800#'s.

System Security and Data Back up Procedures

All crucial study files on Windows file server are backed up twice daily via shadow copies on RAID drives. The Linux server is also backed up nightly. All users accessing the Windows file server log into the server with a user name and a unique password. Users are prompted to change their password each month.